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«RMS» Ltd provided the supply and installation of ENT-combines, manufactured by Medi Care Solutions (Italy), as part of video endoscopic equipment to the medical centres of the Chelyabinsk Region.


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About us  

«RMS» Ltd is able to supply your clinic with medical equipment, advanced medical tools, endoscopes and also minimally invasive surgery and diacrisis complexes.

«RMS» Ltd was established in 2000. In our business we have own way to every customer taking into consider all of your interests. We offer various medical equipment by the best trade marks on optimal conditions for our customers.

«RMS» Ltd is the official dealer of “Karl Storz” company that is very well known in Russia with its high quality of medical tools and units as well as wide spectrum of endoscopic surgery’s offers.

The work practice on the very serious problems has formed the professional staff that is able to manage any task. Our rich knowledge, researching and advanced production engineering allow to offer our customers constructive solutions that conclude high quality and maximum economy.

«RMS» Ltd constantly extends the catalogue of the offered medical equipment for different medical specialists.

For additional information concerning the product of «RMS» Ltd please, change over to “Contacts” and fill in the feedback form. We shall reply to all of your questions relatively supply availability, prices and terms of delivery.




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